Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas (the ULTIMATE Gifts)!

Hey guys ChrisFix here
And this is my second annual top five Christmas gift ideas for car guys car girls car enthusiasts
Whatever you want to call yourselves. I do a lot of work on many different cars
All year long so I get to test out a lot of different products which help me with my car fixes
So everything that I've picked out here to share with you guys are all products
I actually like to use and you've probably seen me use in my videos the goal for this video is to try to help you
Find the perfect gift for you
or for somebody else
heck all these things are gifts that I would love to get so this might be a video you want to share with somebody as
a helpful Hint and
Finally all the gift ideas that I show you in this video will be linked down in the description
So you could easily find it you could check out the reviews and you can see how much it costs
So let's get started and real quick. I want to thank all my fans
It's been an amazing year and for you guys have some awesome
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Let's go open up some presents gift idea number one. What do we have here? This is exciting
It's just like Christmas and check it out a 3D printer. This is a cool gift now
Everybody's used to printing a sheet of paper
But with the 3D printer you can print
Objects like this wrench now as somebody who works on their car a lot there are a ton of useful car products that you can
Print with this so let's say you're having a hard time removing an oil filter
well, we can easily print out your own oil filter wrench instead of going to the store
so now you could go and remove your oil filter with your own homemade oil filter wrench, but it gets even cooler
How about a custom shift knob for your car?
I printed this custom carbon fiber and for you shift knob for my mustang that screws right on
so now you can roll through the gears with a 3D printed shift knob and as you roll through the gears you could use your
3d printed Gopro case to hold your gopro
I even customized mine with part of my logo
So you can really print anything you could think of these pesky trim clips that hold the interior pieces together a plastic gasket scraper
Even a drill bit sharpener that fits on the end of a rotary tool and for those of you who don't know I love to
Fish so I made my very own 3D printed fishing lure, and it works awesome
Like this out I've caught yellow perch, largemouth bass and even a rainbow trout using this lure
So there's a lot of different products that you can make with a 3D printer
And I'll tell you one thing [not] only is it cool because you print your own tools and car parts
But it's useful and fun. Which is why it makes my list, so let's move on to the next gift idea
Actually we have something new this year
I'm going to be including some inexpensive stocking stuffers all right, so let's see what we got for [our] first stocking stuffer
Cleaning wipes just what I always wanted
kidding aside
I use these wipes all the time these wipes work great to get your hands clean just to show you I have some anti-seize and
We all know once you use this it somehow finds its way everywhere
Maybe your tightening a bolt so it gets on your tools as well
And these towels work well to clean all that a nice ease off your hands
Not only that they don't have any grit in them. So they're [not] abrasive. So you could use it [on] your tools
I see a lot of guys using break clean on their tools, so this is a good alternative
And it's what I use and the best part is these things are inexpensive, so they make great stocking stuffers all right now
Let's move on to gift idea number two
Anyone with tools needs a toolbox like this even if they already have toolbox these little portable toolboxes are great my favorite thing about these
Even though they're small they still have plenty of room to fit a bunch of tools I use this all the time
Here's all the stuff. That's kind of like the
Miscellaneous stuff that might not necessarily fit in the drawers and the first drawer
I have a bunch of sockets the second one. I have a bunch of pliers and the third one have a bunch of wrenches
It's all disorganized
Just because I've been [using] it so much lately, but I like this so much that I got another one
And I'm pretty excited for getting this toolbox because I've been using a tool bag for all my electrical supplies
And it's just it's overflowing [and] whoever you get this word is going to use it all the time
I just threw this together with all my electrical stuff and it already keeps it way more organized
And I've been using these boxes for years non-stop
That's why it's one of my top [5] Christmas gift ideas
So let's go check out to see what our stocking stuffer is and what do we have here?
Perfect a breaker bar now going along with our tool boxes here. Everybody needs a good breaker bar
I use this all the time and by all the time
I mean really all the time so time to use a breaker bar with your breaker bar long breaker bars on a breaker bar
So you're gonna need a breaker bar with the breaker bar you get the breaker bar in there nice long breaker bars?
I'm gonna try using the breaker bar with our breaker bar. I'm using a breaker bar. So use a breaker bar the breaker bar
we'll get the breaker bar on it break. It loose as you could tell these breaker bars help with the job significantly
They're very useful
they're almost necessary for not using power tools
And they're great because they're inexpensive which is why I picked it out as a good stocking stuffer alright
Let's move on to gift idea number 3 let's see it. We got
Open this up first
All right, so we got some oil filter pliers those are always useful and this bag is pretty heavy, so we got in here
So we have a ton of different pliers, and this is a perfect gift idea now most of us already have pliers
But there are so many different types of pliers
Which is why this makes it such a good Christmas gift idea you can get wire stripper pliers you could get oil filter pliers
You get crimping pliers side cutters these that I just used in a recent video?
Where I was parting my Jaguar, and it really helped me remove those hose clamps you have long pliers you have short pliers
There's just so many different types
You'll always find something new that you could use plus with all these different types of pliers
You can now use that new toolbox that you get and you can come up with a really cool gift package that anybody would love
Where you put the tools in the toolbox?
Imagine the look on their face when they open up their new toolbox and see it filled with tools
So all the different types of pliers you could get is why it makes my top [5] gift ideas?
Let's go check out our next stocking stuffer. [oh], I hope it's not coal
Just what I needed a tire air pressure gauge
Now if you or the person that you're getting the gift for likes gadgets, this is perfect for them
And I've been using it all the time I've been going to the track recently and on the track
It's very important to know your tire pressure and set it accordingly. I'm learning how to drift
So there's certain tire pressures for the front tires versus the rear tires
And that's where this comes in handy because you could actually save the tire pressure for each tire so check this out
Let's do the passenger front tire. Just unscrew the cap hit the power button. We're doing the front right tire
32 PSI
So this tire pressure gauge is a really good idea for a stocking stuffer
Now let's move on to gift idea number four that is right here. What do we get and if you're wondering?
I can't wrap like this this came out awesome. [big]. Thanks to my mom for helping me out
Let's do it. We got here
Oh man, this is a good one. This is one that I've [been] using behind the scene for almost a year now
And it's just absolutely awesome so I can't wait to show you guys and we have an impact gun this thing is beefy
It's heavy and it is strong
1,100 foot-pounds of torque
removal Power and
It comes with [two] batteries, but really you only need one check this out
If you see my recent video on how to strip a car for parts
Well, I've been using this impact gun for this whole job. It's taken multiple days
It's been really cold out, and I've removed a whole bucket full of fasteners yet
Let's go check the battery power on this I've used a single battery and it's at half battery power
So you're able to strip a whole car and only use half the battery and although you don't see me use it on the channel
I like to use common hand tools that most people have if
You or somebody you're getting this for fixes cars a lot you can easily
Remove bolts real quickly and let me show you that right now
Actually, I got a little note from Santa [he] said to check the stocking so let's go do that
All right
Just what we needed for these impact guns now you want to impact socket set because these impact sockets are made of a special material
That's designed to be used with an impact gun. [I] have two different impact guns here, so check it out these lug nuts
haven't been removed in a while, and it comes right off [and]
The orange one takes a little bit longer, but it still works just fine so both of these impact guns are great
This one is more powerful, but it is also more expensive this one is less powerful less expensive if you work on cars
Or the person you're getting the gift for works on cars. That would love to see this under their tree
Which is why it makes my gift idea list and with that we are on our last Christmas gift idea
Let's see what we got. What are we thinking?
all right torque Wrenches now a torque wrench is a perfect gift idea for
Anybody who likes to work on their own car you can see they come in different sizes?
And what these do [is] these allow you to tighten down your bolts and nuts to the correct tightness?
So you don't over tighten them and damage the threads or break a bowl and so you don't under tighten them and then the bolt?
Comes off, and I use these all of the time now grab your torque wrench
Gets torqued down to 25 pound feet of torque and in this case
I'm torquing them to 100 and then we're going to grab our torque wrench
Then torque it down to 40 foot pounds
Let's talk them down to 25 foot-pounds
Now we're going to take our torque wrench
We're going to get our torque wrench grab our torque wrench
Okay, and I think you get the idea torque wrenches help you do the job safely
They help you do the job properly and that is why it's one of my top 5 Christmas gift ideas now
That's all 5 gift ideas, but we have one thing left and that is stocking stuffers
It looks like we got a ton and this gives a stuff stocking. Let's see it. We get looks like we have some car soap
And some microfiber towels. I'm sensing a trend here
my favorite wax sealer, ooh
this is a good one a microfiber wash Mitt
finally a
Foam Cannon now anybody who gets one of these is going to love it so all of [these] car cleaning items are things I use
Actually used it in the super cleaning video the foam cannon is by far one of the coolest gifts with the Foam cannon
You're able to spray a thick layer of foam all over your car
Which is going to help you clean and I mean if you guys haven't seen that super clean video that [it] did my mustang went
From this to this [so] [all] these products do work. I highly recommend them
It's stuff that I use and these are all great stocking stuffer ideas
Alright, and those are the crisp fix top 5 Christmas gift ideas [for] this year
And I hope they give you some good ideas for either yourself, or that special car guy or car girl in your life?
Everything here is linked in the description. So if you want to find something
I make it real easy for you check the description [the] links are in there
Also in the description are links to last year's video for even more gift ideas
So hopefully the gift ideas were helpful remember to give the video a thumbs up and I just want to say merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah, [if] you don't celebrate either happy holidays to all
Ho ho ho?

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