Rick Levine Astrology Forecast for September 2019

September presents an astrological paradox that requires us to absorb a massive amount of data while simultaneously narrowing our field of vision. Critical analysis is required by a four-planet pileup in practical Virgo that features conjunctions between the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars on September 2-13. But this finely tuned parade of precision passes through oppositions to nebulous Neptune and squares to expansive Jupiter, creating. alternate waves of contraction and expansion. The cosmic noise is unceasing as the planetary precession take turns trining, then squaring, Saturn and Pluto, motivating us to transform specific details and overarching ideas into concrete practice.

A planetary exodus from the confines of Virgo begins on September 14 when Mercury and Venus escape into the harmonizing realms of Libra. The Sun follows suit on September 23, marking the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The dreamy Pisces Full Moon offsets the pragmatic Virgo Sun on September 13. The creative Libra New Moon forms an irritating quincunx with high-frequency Uranus on September 28.

Against the backdrop of personal planets creating intense, but short-lived change, a square between opinionated Jupiter and fantasy-prone Neptune continues to feed the propaganda machine with a mixture of blind optimism and misplaced hope. Our job in the midst of this cosmic data download is to remember to frequently change the lenses through which we perceive the world, enabling us to more closely approximate the truth.

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