I Did The Worst Thing To Make Money

Actually Happened
Hello! My name is John. I want to tell you my story with money and I hope that you will benefit from the story and not to follow the same way. I lived in an ordinary family; my mother is a housewife and my father, whose earning was weak, was working in a restaurant. We did not have enough money to live the life that we ​​dreamt of. On the contrary, my close friend in high school was from a rich family who had the money to do anything and to buy whatever he wanted and dreamt of. Honestly, I envied him and I wanted to be like him and to have a lot of money. In these years, I was obsessed with money and how to get it in any way and as quickly as possible. It was my last year in high school and I was preparing to join the university. For a long time, my father has been collecting money so that I can complete university studies. This was the only money I had, but I couldn’t use it. I have always been thinking that I don’t want to go through the long way and to study at university for years until I graduate and start working to earn money. I wanted money faster as soon as possible and in the easiest way. During my study at high school, my friend’s lifestyle was my dream. With his parents’ money he had everything he wanted, especially his lovely car, and thanks to his money, all the students were courting him, and wanted to make friends with him, especially when I knew that he would spend this summer vacation on one of the tourist islands and, on the contrary, I would spend the summer doing a part-time job. I saw that my friend live true happiness with money he owned, so I decided this summer I would achieve my dream and earn a lot of money.
One day, I was sitting as usual in front of the television thinking how to start making money, and I saw the advertisement of one of the gambling companies and how someone made millions of dollars easily from it. I was excited a lot and I thought that I finally found the solution through which I wanted to make money. I was a great fan of football and I always followed it. I started to study how I bet on the results of the matches and how to win them if my bets were correct. I already started betting on the results of the matches. Every day, I was planning well and searching a lot so that I could expect the result of the match well. At first, I was betting with small amounts of money. Fortunately, I won and all my expectations were true. Here, my enthusiasm has increased and I started to think that I have a genius mind expecting the results of the matches accurately. Over time, I started making money quickly after I had started betting with more amounts of money

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