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Best Personal Finance Apps for 2019 — Download These 6 Apps

Looking for apps that will help you reach your financial goals in 2019? Check out these six apps to save money, earn cash back, invest, and more.

Clarity Money: Long Game: Bumped: Robinhood: Dosh vs Ebates: Playlist:
First up is an app that made my list last year, but actually got even better recently and that is Clarity Money

I was already a fan of Clarity Money’s sleek take on a personal finance app as well its clever widgets that allow you to do everything from tally up how much you’re spending at certain retailers to helping you cancel unused subscriptions. However, in my initial review, I noted that the one downside was that their automated saving feature didn’t pay out interest. Well, as luck would have it, that changed last year as the app was purchased by Marcus, which is a division of Goldman Sachs. Now Clarity users can upgrade their free savings accounts to Marcus accounts and currently earn a 2.25% APY on their savings although that figure will fluctuate over time. Best of all the rest of the app has remained largely the same and you can still manage your Marcus-branded savings the same way you did previously. For all of these reasons, there’s no doubt that Clarity Money deserves a repeat slot on my 2019 favorites list.

Next, if your New Year’s resolution is to start saving more money, the app Long Game can help you achieve that goal by making saving fun

While Clarity Money’s 2%+ APY can help motivate you to set aside more money, those hoping to literally make saving a game will definitely want to check out Long Game. This app encourages users to set up recurring deposits and rewards them with coins. These coins can then be used to play mini-games for a chance to win real money. Players can increase the number of coins they’re earning by making additional deposits, achieving streaks, and reaching other milestones. Plus, while you may feel like you’re gambling by playing these games of chance, your savings are safe as you can only gain coins by making deposits that you are free to transfer back to your main bank account at any time. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed using this app over the past few months and think others will too.

One app that I reviewed not too long ago but have quickly become a big fan of is called Bumped, which rewards you with free fractional shares of stock

As I mentioned, Bumped is a relatively new app — so new, in fact, that it’s still technically in a public beta. However, once you jumped from the waiting list and are invited to use the app, I think you’ll be as impressed as I’ve been so far. Bumped allows you to select one brand from each of 13 different categories and earn shares in those companies when you make purchases at their locations. This is as easy as linking a credit or debit card to your account via Plaid, which will allow the app to identify qualifying transactions. Furthermore, Bumped is completely free to use, making it one of the most interesting and rewarding apps I encountered last year.

If using Bumped has you considering getting more active when it comes to investing, Robinhood is still my favorite app for trading stocks without incurring fees.

After hearing about it for months if not years, I finally started using Robinhood last year and utilized it to purchase a few shares of The Walt Disney Company as well as a few other random stocks. Not only was I impressed by how I could set limit orders to purchase stocks when they reached a certain price but was also happy to learn purchasing shares via Robinhood would still entitle you to any dividend payments and offer you the ability to vote on shareholder matters. That should be obvious, but receiving these payouts and proxies does help reinforce that Robinhood is legit. That said, the company did run into a bit of trouble at the end of 2018 regarding what was to be an awesome-sounding new feature. Regardless, I feel Robinhood deserves a shoutout on this year’s list.

Finally, I’m going to cheat and round out my top 5 with a tie between two awesome cash back tools: Dosh and Ebates

While they may be presented as competitors, the truth is that Dosh, Ebates, and others can often be used in conjunction to earn you even more on your everyday purchases. On the whole, I’d say that Ebates is better for online purchases — especially when you utilize their Chrome browser extension — while Dosh is better for in-store purchases. Depite that generalization, I’ve found both tools to be extremely helpful.

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How Mutual Funds Work | Personal Finance Series

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Mutual funds are a popular investment vehicle where money is pooled together from a large group of investors to commit to purchasing​ different assets. Mutual funds are often labeled as institutional investors, which are large organizations that purchase a significant number of assets. Common institutional investors include pension funds and insurance companies. As a result, the general process for how mutual funds acquire and spend their resources can be applied to pension funds and insurance companies as well.

Investors benefit in a variety of areas from purchasing mutual funds. First, mutual funds allow investors the ability to achieve instant diversification since mutual funds hold a variety of assets within their portfolio. Thus, investors receive exposure to all of these different holdings without having to go through to trouble of acquiring them on their own. Mutual funds also allow investors to opportunity to take advantage of professional management, enjoy some level of liquidity, and choose from a variety of funds.

6 Easiest Money Multiplying Options – Investment options explained | Personal finance basics

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Easy Peasy Finance: Personal Finance Simplified for Kids and Beginners

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How Health Insurance Works | Personal Finance Series

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Subscribe to Alanis Business Academy on YouTube for updates on the latest videos: Health insurance allows individuals and families the opportunity to seek medical treatment at a reduced cost. While there are many types of providers offering a wide array of coverages, health insurance, in general, shares certain commonalities. Learn about some of the basic components of health insurance, including copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.

50/30/20 Rule For Personal Finance | How Much Should You Save For Retirement? | Dr. Sanjay Tolani

So how much should you save for RETIREMENT PLANNING? 🤔

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I have a very simple structure to it. It is broken down in to the fifty, thirty, twenty rule, which is:

(FIRTY PERCENT 50%) of your earnings should be going towards your basic needs, your rent, utility bills, groceries, etc.

(THIRTY PERCENT 30%) should be going towards fulfilling all your wants, your desires, your aspirations, that’s the purpose.

(TWENTY PERCENT 20%) is money that you just save aside, money you do not touch, because that money is for your future. It’s your fallback money, money you never touch, ’til you reach of an age where you cannot work anymore, and this is the money that you fallback on.

Once you start living with this rule where you force yourself to spend the eighty percent you will reach a point in life where you believe you will not be able to spend anymore of it, and that’s when your saving ratio will increase. 📈⬆️

You might start saving fifty percent instead the twenty percent, but stick to the rule, eighty, twenty, till the point where you feel you can’t spend anymore. That’s the fun of being a good financial planned person. If you have any questions about this speak to an intergenerational planner. 🤟🏼😊

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Personal Finance Basics: How to Raise Your Credit Score

Galia Gichon offers actionable tips on how you can quickly raise your credit score.
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