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Alexis Reacts To Her 5 Biggest Cooking Fails • Tasty

– [Alexis] I'm starting off with some plums–
(record skips)
– The same mistake!
– Hey, I'm Alexis, and I'm watching my cooking fails
from Chef Out of Water.
(upbeat music)
– [Alexis] It's kind of cooking,
I think I'll do two more minutes
and see what happens.
(microwave keys beep)
– I am trying to microwave crust for lemon bars
and this was like one of the hardest episodes
I've ever filmed.
So I think I was like left in tears afterwards.
I'd never used a microwave to make food,
and microwaves aren't meant to cook crusts.
– Oh no!
(microwave beeps)
It's burnt.
The good news is that there is some color on the crust,
bad news is that–
– There was no good news.
It was all bad news.
It literally smelled terrible.
It smelled so bad, people were coming up
towards the room and being like,
"is everything okay here?"
I mean, it looks like garbage.
Like, that is unusable.
I didn't actually use that version,
but I just remember feeling, after this,
I was like, this is impossible.
What am I doing?
– So, I would usually just roast this
really low and slow for a while,
but let's see what happens if we do–
– I just wanna say that I watched someone do this
and it worked!
So I wasn't totally grasping for straws.
– Put them in the microwave.
I'm gonna try to make polenta.
– Oh my god. And I'm just ignoring the microwave.
– Maybe the milk is a bad idea in this case, but (pouts)
Add in some salt.
I need to wash– Like, something is fishy here.
Something's wrong.
(dramatic music)
(microwave beeps)
– [Assistant] Had to intervene, sorry!
It's smoking.
– [Alexis] No, no!
(whimpers) – Aw, no.
– [Assistant] Oh, it's like, on fire.
– [Alexis] I don't wanna say this is a disaster quite–
– Okay, the like number one rule with cooking
is don't leave the stove!
Don't leave what you're cooking, and I, like–
Number one rule just like fled the scene!
It was– oh, my god, so it already smelled bad
from the crust.
But this, like, legitimately caught on fire
and was smoking, and I had to pour water on it
to get it out.
It was, oh, my god, it was awful.
After the garlic catching on fire, I was like,
I don't know how I'm gonna redeem myself.
Like, they edited together the video
to make it look okay, like it all worked out,
but it was just,
I was truly like in tears at the end of the day.
I felt so bad, I felt incompetent, I was like,
this is– I just made so many rookie mistakes.
I felt like I didn't understand how to use a microwave.
It was rough.
I mean, microwaves are just like on a totally different
power voltage and heat source,
and every microwave is different.
Never cooked with one, but like microwaves
are really not meant for, like,
Like, they are great for re-heating food.
You can make things in them.
But I wouldn't recommend it.
(upbeat music)
– Relying on our appliances and tools,
and it's good to be like, you know,
we can make great food with very little.
– This was the second episode of Chef Out of Water,
and I made a three-course meal using a clothing iron.
Which mostly went pretty well.
I'm making mini-crêpes on an iron,
which took like three hours to do,
but I also decided to– you know, because I couldn't
use other appliances, to hand whip this whipped cream
for the layers of the crêpe cake.
And for some reason also decided to pour an entire
container of heavy cream in there,
when I needed like maybe half a cup.
But decided to pour, like, I don't know,
two cups of cream, so much cream,
so I was like beating it and over and over
and my arms were so tired and I was just like,
what am I doing?
– I mean this whipped cream looks really pretty.
(dramatic music)
Oh no!
Oh no!
It's salt!
– You hear the gasps.
– It's fine.
– (laughs) Oh, my god, it was so awful.
It was so awful.
It was like, it tasted so terrible.
I put like so much salt in there!
And I had just spent 20 minutes beating it by hand,
and I was like, what do I do?
It was
It was awful, it was awful, it was awful.
It was just a rookie move!
I was like going too fast.
I wasn't paying attention, I was like being cocky,
I was like, I've got this beautiful whipped cream,
just gonna add…
It was like licking a salt block.
I should have just
tested that it was sugar.
It's like the easiest thing to do,
and I was just rushing.
(upbeat music)
– So I've got some eggs here.
I'm gonna pour some water over it
and add a little bit of acid.
– After the first time we used a microwave
and it went so poorly,
all the commenters and my producer was like,
"we have to do it again!"
(inhales gravely)
So we did.
This episode, I was making a three-course breakfast
with a microwave.
– 30 seconds?
Two minutes?
A minute?
A minute, I'm gonna do a minute!
(disapproving grunt)
(timer ticks)
(microwave beeps)
(loud pop)
(gasps) (shrieks)
(gasps) (shrieks)
(gasps) (shrieks)
(gasps in slow motion)
– (whispers) Oh but the–
It's just like inconsistent!
That's why I hate microwaves,
it's like inconsistent.
You don't know what's gonna happen.
– I mean it did kind of poach.
I need to clean this up.
– I mean the egg looks–
I mean, it did kinda poach, but
that is obviously not a poached egg.
And it was like, I just felt so frustrated.
I felt so frustrated.
(upbeat music)
– Let's light this fire.
– I was really confident about the fire.
This was the finale of Chef Out of Water,
and they surprised me by bringing me to
the Angeles National Forest,
like an hour and a half outside of the city.
We were in, like, hour out of service,
in the middle of woods, and
I was so excited! I was like, finally!
Something I can work with, like a campfire!
This is amazing!
And I felt so happy, and I felt so confident.
Every episode asks what my confidence level is
with this like little graphic, and I was
truly at a 10
like maybe an 11.
– While my fire is going and getting really hot,
getting ready,
I'm gonna start on syrup.
I'm starting off with some plums,
(record skips)
– I just added salt instead of sugar to the plums.
The same mistake!
I seriously don't know what's wrong with me,
it's like the sugar was right there,
why did I put them next to each other?
I had my assistant off to the side,
so we had to like
wash off each plum in a bucket of water
and then like blot it dry
to get like any of the salt out.
You know, looking back is really exciting!
I mean, I think despite these mistakes,
I feel really proud about the food I made
and, the obstacles of working with
these weird appliances, I like pretty much
overcame them.
Even with the microwave.
(ding) (sounds of fire burning)
It was still like
edible, interesting food.
You know, I think with the mistakes that I've made,
I think the common thread is
going too fast and rushing,
and like not taking my time,
which is, you know, just a common
thing I need to work on in life.
If I had to give myself some advice,
I would say, just like
take your time.
It's okay to go slow.
You don't have to rush.
– [Narrator] Oh yes!
(upbeat music)


Hey guys! 🤗 In this video, I’m cooking a Salvadoran breakfast with my mom & Ayla. 🇸🇻 We had so much fun and I learned a lot of tips & tricks from my mom. The food was sooo yummy, what Salvadoran food should we cook next? 😋 I hope you guys enjoy this video! ❤️ Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any videos! 🔔

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Produced by: Noire Notebook Productions

Filmed/Edited by: Supun W

Cumbia No Frills Faster by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (

#SalvadoranFood #Cooking

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Timecodes for each method:
Sashimi: 0:29
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Pan-Seared: 2:03
Cold Pan: 2:44
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Burger: 3:52
Grill (3-Ways): 4:40
Grilled: 4:57
Cedar Plank: 5:24
Kebab: 5:52
Grill Basket: 6:15
Pickled: 6:50
Canned: 7:22
Poached: 8:09
Coffee Pot: 8:41
Rillette: 9:14
Ice Cream: 9:45
Steamed: 11:13
Boiled: 11:44
Campfire (3 Ways): 12:16
Clay Wrapped: 12:48
Banana Leaf: 13:17
Moss Covered: 13:39
Deep Fried: 14:11
Beer Battered: 14:41
Fish Sticks: 15:13
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Skin Chips: 16:20
Sous Vide: 16:47
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Smoker: 18:36
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On A Stick: 19:46
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Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking On Budget Recipes | Almost Anything

This is my Ultimate Food on a Budget.
As a chef, I know it's not what you spend on ingredients, but results on the plate that count.
Using cheap cuts and leftovers and working them hard in the kitchen gives you food on a budget that tastes a million bucks,
And I'm going to show you how.
First up, my flavour packed lamb with fried bread.
Whether I'm cooking high-end dishes or rustic dishes, trust me, it all has to be impressive.
So, this lamb dish proves that you don't have to spend a fortune to create delicious food.
First off, put the pan on.
This is a lamb steak and it's cut just above the leg. Just here.
Because you see that delicious bone running through the center and that's full of marrow so that just gives the lamb a nice added
sweet flavor. Just take your knife, cut through each end. T his stops the
lamb steak from buckling so, therefore, it cooks evenly
and colours beautifully.
Salt and pepper.
Lamb needs quite a lot of help with the pepper so be quite generous with the pepper.
Just pat that down.
The pan's just starting to smoke on the outside now put your oil in.
Get that pan really nice and hot because this is a cheap cut, so –
And depending on the colour of the lamb steaks it'll really sort of impart a lot of flavour.
That's the noise you want to hear… you can't hear that noise, don't drop the steak in.
Put a little bit of garlic in there. Not chopped garlic. Just whole cloves of garlic, lightly crushed.
Don't even waste time peeling them. In.
Tongs, lift up – That bit of fat round the back.
That's on the top of the leg.
Tilt the pan and let all that fat
render. Rendering is a chef's term that means melting the fat. It works brilliantly when you're cooking a rib-eye as well.
Turn it over.
That colour! Beautiful!
Now it looks like an expensive cut and we've got that nice even sear all over.
As it's cooking, just tilt the pan and baste.
And basting the lamb steak just means just sort of adding all that nice scented
garlic olive oil back into the lamb…
Now take the lamb out and let the lamb rest.
Now, for the perfect
rustic crouton. So this bread's quite firm, couple of days old, to slice it straight down the centre.
Dice it up. Put it into a bowl.
Season it beautifully.
From there, I'm gonna add some milk.
Sounds strange adding milk to a crouton but it just gives it that nice rich
creamy texture. And just let that milk sort of absorb into the bread. While that's soaking unlike the dressing go back to that initial
garlic that was in the pan.
Beautiful! Into the pestle and mortar, anchovies.
Anchovies go brilliantly well with lamb – all that nice salty vinegary flavour. And a bit of kick: some capers.
They're little baby cats. Very sweet
just pound that to a nice paste.
The smell is incredible!
Next some Dijon mustard – a nice teaspoon and a half in.
A little bit of red wine vinegar – two tablespoons.
And then add extra virgin olive oil
Now –
It's got that heat in there. It's got a nice roasted garlic, a real hearty chunky vinaigrette that sort of seeps into the lamb.
Some fresh parsley.
Crunch up the parsley – delicious flavour. Parsley in.
Nice! Now get your pan hot for croutons. Olive oil in the pan.
Grab the croutons and squeeze all that excess milk out. Not too hard – I don't want them dry. And in.
And then just fry them and the milk inside these croutons gives them a nice spongy creamy delicious flavour.
That's the colour I want.
Now take them out and lightly drain them over a kitchen roll onto the board. Out.
Plate them. Just take this amazing vinaigrette and spread it.
Get those croutons. Listen to them. My little boulders hitting in the plate. The lamb.
Sit that on
Next one
On. Rest the croutons
On. Now use all those little bits
And My Chef in Paris Would Kill me right now if he saw me using those because
they're the ugly scraps that customers should never see, but, but they're the best bits
Croutons on
and then just
Drop that sauce and all those little bits
of the lamb
And there. That is a perfect way of taking a cheap cut to the premier league of dishes
Stunning food doesn't have to be complicated. Keeping it simple
produces amazing results and keeps cost down. Here are three more great easy dishes that don't cost the earth but taste absolutely incredible.
Starting with roasted mackerel with garlic and paprika.
First make a spicy paste by crushing garlic in a pestle and mortar
along with paprika,
sea salt and olive oil.
Spoon the paste on the fillets of mackerel – a great inexpensive oily fish that's really healthy – and leave to marinate.
When ready to eat, put the mackerel fillet on a baking tray inside up, season and roast in a hot oven
Next make a tangy potato salad.
For the dressing, mix Dijon mustard,
white wine vinegar,
olive oil, and
and saffron.
And whisk until blended.
Boil new potatoes in salted water,
drain and lightly crush,
add sliced spring onion and spoon in the vinaigrette.
To serve, top the potato salad with the roasted mackerel and drizzle with more vinaigrette.
A healthy meal that makes the most of cheap but delicious fish: stunning roasted mackerel with garlic and paprika.
My next brilliant budget dish
Is pork and prawn balls in aromatic broth.
For the pork and prawn balls, in a bowl, add pork mince
Then add finely chopped prawns
Diced ginger and Chopped Chives
and roll into ping-pong sized balls
For the broth, heat fresh stock and add star anise, oyster sauce, soy sauce
and sliced ginger
Gently Simmer
Fry the pork and prawn balls in a pan until golden
Then transfer to the bubbling Broth
Add handfuls of spinach
Then serve. Top with finely sliced spring onions.
A gorgeous healthy dish that uses great value ingredients with amazing results: pork and prawn balls
and aromatic broth. Ready to eat in under 20 minutes
An incredibly simple recipe that's perfect for using up leftovers: easy arancini
First, chop mozzarella into small cubes
Then take handfuls of leftover risotto, add a cube of mozzarella, and fold into a ball around the cheese
This dish Is perfect with leftover mushroom risotto but it's great with any risotto
For the coating, prep three bowls: one with flour, one with bread crumbs, and one with beaten egg.
Dip each arancini first into the flour,
then the egg wash, and finally the bread crumbs
Then in a pan, heat the olive oil and fry the arancini until golden brown
Drain and serve simply with lemon
Easy arancini: a delicious tempting treat that's great for leftovers and cooks in under ten minutes
Three quick and easy recipes that give maximum flavor for minimum cost: fantastic dishes that prove you didn't
have to spend a fortune to eat amazing food at home. Nice
Next, five more of our 100 tips that'll make cooking in the kitchen easier.
First up, a great cheap staple: how to cook the perfect rice
Basmati rice, the king of all rices: light, fluffy, delicious, and I'm going to show you how to cook it perfectly
Now, start off with
400 grams of rice
Rice in
So what we're going to do now is just rinse off the dust and the starch
Cold water, always
And just rinse the rice.
That stops the rice from becoming clumpy in the pan and allowed it become really nice, light, and fluffy
once it's cooked. Rice into the pan. Now, to make a plain fluffy rice exciting, we're going to infuse it
Three cardamom pods
And just get the pods and just pierce them so it allows all that flavor to come out.
Cardamom pods and then
star anis. Now these are beautiful whole star anis
It makes it really nice and fragrant
Salt and pepper: a lot easier to season the rice now
than it is once it's cooked. We start to break it up when you season once it's cooked. Now, basically
one part rice to one and a half part water
Six hundred mills. Always start it off in cold water
Cold water in
Onto the gas
Lid on
Bring it up to a boil as quick as possible and turn it down and let It simmer for eight to ten minutes and that's
the secret behind cooking great rice: allow it to steam as it's cooking
Do not lift that lid up
Lid off
mmm. It smells aromatic.
Basically all the water's absorbed, the rice has doubled in size, and it's nice and light and fluffy. Take the star anis out
The cardamom pods. They all should have risen to the top
Pods Out
Take Your Fork
Fluff It Through
Basically, it just sort of starts to open everything back up
Once you forked it through, it becomes really nice and light and fluffy.
And there:
That is perfectly cooked rice.
Always made the most of your leftovers. Use last night's rice in stir fries,
scrambled up with eggs, or it's simple to make a delicious fresh salad. Remember, a good cook wastes nothing.
A great tip for stopping potatoes, apples, and avocados from going brown when cut:
Simply cover with water and add a squeeze of lemon.
The acidity stops the flesh from oxidizing, which is what causes the color to change.
Herbs are great for adding flavor without spending a fortune.
To keep them at their best, simply place them in a glass of water and they'll stay fresh for up to a week.
And if you've got extra herbs left over, save than waste by making an amazing flavored oil
Place washed and dried stems in a bottle
Cover with warmed olive oil
Then seal and leave to infuse. Great for salads, pastas, and drizzling on veg.
Coming up on my ultimate guide to cooking on a budget,
how to make the most of your ingredients. And this is where you get
so much more bang for your buck out of sausages because the skins off and the real flavor, you know is gonna come through.
More essential kitchen knowledge
They cut thin like this: there's more flavor. And a delicious and cheap
spicy sausage rice. And that is an amazing way to take spicy italian sausages to a completely different level

10 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tips – Gordon Ramsay

Como picar corretamente ervas frescas…
…para obter o máximo sabor.
Picar ervas. O segredo é picá-las, não esmagá-las.
Agora, manjericão.
Esta é uma erva macia, então trate-a com respeito.
Quando se pica de qualquer jeito,
o melhor da erva fica na tábua.
Quero que o sabor permaneça no manjericão.
Coloque as folhas uma dentro da outra, com a maior embaixo.
E é quase como enrolar um cigarro.
A maior embaixo e as menores no centro.
E agora coloque-as juntas,
e enrole-as.
Gentilmente. Sem esmagá-las.
Primeiro passo: Enroladas, prontas para fatiar.
Uma faca afiada é crucial. Dedos dobrados para dentro.
A parte inferior das suas juntas são os guias
entre você e a erva.
Isso evita que você corte seu dedo.
É importante sentir-se confortável com a faca,
e praticar o movimento de cortar junto à tábua,
relaxando o pulso.
Tudo está na ação do pulso.
Com as ervas posicionadas,
as unhas dobradas para dentro, e vá para cima e para baixo.
Para cima de para baixo.
E você terá picado o manjericão sem esmagá-lo,
e com uma fragrância bem forte.
Certo. Coentro.
Você pega o maço de coentro, segura-o de cabeça para baixo,
e corta gentilmente os talos.
Agrupe o maço,
e mais uma vez, deixe a faca fazer o trabalho.
Dobre os dedos para dentro e corte uma vez,
e apenas uma vez. Não pique.
Apenas corte.
Você pode ver quando esmaga a erva.
Quando você retira as ervas da tábua,
há uma grande mancha verde.
Cheia de sabor.
E nenhuma parte boa é deixada na tábua.
Se você tem uma fruta que não está madura,
a dica é colocar uma banana num saco de papel,
e adicionar a fruta que não está madura.
Coloque em local escuro,
e a banana acelerará o processo de amadurecimento
das outras frutas.
Como descascar e cortar uma manga de maneira fácil?
Segure a manga com o talo para cima e corte cada lado do caroço.
Corte toda a polpa,
fazendo quadrados sem cortar a casca.
Então vire a casca do avesso e cuidadosamente corte os pedaços.
Para se livrar da ardência e pele sensível
quando se usa pimenta.
Para se livrar da ardência e queimação nos dedos…
Um pouco de limão. Esprema um pouco de limão na pele.
Livre-se da queimação com suco de limão fresco.
Para ter batatas cozidas perfeitas,
sempre coloque-as em água fria, nunca na água quente.
Dessa forma, quando o centro da batata estiver cozido,
a parte externa não se despedaçará.
Minha dica para descascar o kiwi,
é simplesmente cortar a fruta ao meio e cavar a polpa com uma colher.
Tente. Realmente funciona.
Adoro esses pimentões.
Eles têm um sabor adocicado incrível,
com uma textura crocante.
E a coisa mais excitante sobre os pimentões
é que são deliciosos crus ou cozidos.
Para identificar o pimentão perfeito, ele deve ser macio e firme,
e não enrugado.
Como cortar o pimentão.
Tire o talo.
Vire de cabeça para baixo,
e com a faca, comece de cima e fatie ao redor.
Basicamente, você está fatiando ao redor das sementes.
Olhem, sem perder tempo.
Isso dá uma linda árvore de sementes.
Você não terá aquela bagunça na sua tábua,
e mais importante, é duas vezes mais rápido.
Descarte isto.
Agora vamos cortá-lo em tiras.
Deixe o pimentão reto.
Com o lado da pele para baixo.
Porque é muito mais fácil cortar através do pimentão.
E só movimente a faca para cima e para baixo.
E, basicamente, terá suas tirinhas perfeitas.
Ficam ótimas para refogar.
E é o que estamos querendo.
Crocante, delicioso, e mais importante…
Sem sementes. Lindo.
Uma ótima dica para saber se o abacaxi está maduro
é puxar as folhas do topo.
Se saírem facilmente está maduro e pronto para fatiar.
Para sua carne ou peixe cozinharem mais rápido
faça incisões, o que permitirá que o calor penetre mais rapidamente.
Também serve para marinados serem absorvidos mais profundamente.
Uma dica para manter as batatas, maçãs e abacates
sem escurecer depois de cortar.
Simplesmente cubra com água e esprema um limão.
A acidez para a oxidação,
o que causa a mudança de cor.
É como um parto ao contrário.
Sim, você coloca para dentro depois que nasce.

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