Jupiter 2019 2020 transit in Sagittairus & Capricorn Astrology

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This video is hosted by Kapiel Raaj.

These videos are based on the ancient science of Vedic Astrology known as Jyotish in India. These programs are to educate everyone on the importance and accuracy of astrology why it still matters. Astrology is not so easy to understand and it’s not that difficult to master. But, there are some methods that were lost in pop culture astrology known as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. Vedic Astrology is not more about psychological reading but actual physical reading that also shows your exact timing of events like marriage, children, career, graduation, accidents, illness etc. This entire channel is hosted by me alone, Kapiel Raaj. Growing up with an uncle who was a Vedic Astrologer himself made it very easy for me to dive into the ocean of astrology and discover many secrets which I share with you on KRSchannel, the fastest growing astrology channel on you tube.

When some wants to know what planet in what house does what, or what planet in what sign does what, this is the channel they come to. I do not make regular weekly horoscope because unless your horoscope is present in front of me, giving you a general weekly horoscope is as good as suicide of astrology. It’s no longer predictive science. In my channel you will find videos that will never be outdated and will always apply to you alone. This astrology channel is like a encyclopedia of astrology. You can look at these videos in 50 years and they will still apply and work.

I take also do Celebrities horoscope with parody, combining my two passion of acting and astrology together which has become a hit on Youtube. I also do skits of zodiac sign compatibility which again is entertainment and education at the same time. This channel will make you a astrologer where you won’t need to go to anyone, but you will diagnose your problem yourself because no one has more vested interest in you than you.

What I bring to the table is the truth about astrology and astronomy of India.

Jupiter, Mercury Combust and Political Updates | Saleem Sami Astrology

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This Channel is created for the purpose of creating awareness and to teach about Vedic Astrology by Astrologer Saleem Sami. He is Practicing Vedic Astrology since last 20 years

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I started my career late in 1990. In the start I used to go to many palmists, astrologist and different fake kind of people from which I get very bad results. Those kinds of fake people making money by fooling innocent people. I was also one of those fooled innocent person who have been fooled by many fake and tricky guys. That time I personally decided to start learn Astrology, because I don’t want that think to make fooling people without proper knowledge. That time I decided that one day comes when I will able to guide people from the core of my heart with proper guidelines. With the passage of time my interest in Astrology increased day by day and I learn to understand the real science, calculations and all facts related to Astrology. That time for two years frequently I invested my time to make my understanding in relation to Astrology. Furthermore I visited many places like India, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Iran and different parts of Europe and World, Just for the sake of my interest and Learning’s about Astrology. I traveled a lot and meet the Guru’s of Astrology from different parts of world just to make myself clear about the concept of Astrology. I read many books related to this topic from different renounced authors.

ǁ My Mission ǁ

My Mission Statement is to give direction to your life. I can give you the reasons of your down fall, depression, problems. I professionally and mainly deal in issues related to Marriages and health issues, and all that issue which you can’t discuss with others. I will tell you causes of your tensions and depressions and ways to eliminate them from your life to live a successful and healthy life.

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GETTING COMFORTABLE IN A NEW SPACE. Full Moon in Gemini Astrology Horoscope December 2019

This horoscope is for the new moon in Gemini, which happens on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 12:11 a.m. ET.

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This full moon in Gemini is all about making some big, new journey in our lives (that we have been working all year to finally manifest) familiar, comfortable — and in some ways, more easy and fun.

However, with this full moon in a quincunx to Venus and Saturn in Capricorn, that may be hard to do.

That is because making this new journey familiar and fun, may require lots of big and serious decisions about the direction our relationships and money are going in. These big and serious decisions will EVENTUALLY allow us to feel more familiar in this new life, and have more fun… but may be HARD to do in the moment.

Conversations at this time may also be providing us with roadblocks. With Mercury in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries, some hurtful things could be said, or our minds could just be elsewhere — making these decisions harder or slower to make as everyone gets on the same page (including our own selves).

However, it is not all bad. With Jupiter now in Capricorn in a square with Chiron in Aries and trine Uranus in Taurus, good luck can be there just when we need it, helping us to overcome some things from the past and formulate a new identify we can feel more comfortable in.

Our intuition may also be our secret weapon, with the full moon square Neptune in Pisces. If we can take some time out to ourselves after things have been said or discussed, our internal compass can kick on and point us forward — and our love and compassion for others can also be expanded.

The key here is to not let our emotions get the best of us and spiral us downward — but to instead have fun with the process, and be flexible as these decisions get made.

To basically make the big, serious decisions we need to eventually feel better in life, but to make them in a way that is more playful.

I know we need to commit to a new life so it becomes more of a sure thing, but perhaps not in the way we were thinking. There are many other possibilities for a better life that will also work, if we are open to learning. And some of them that are more exciting, too.

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लग्न आयु_| Life Span from Lagna in Astrology.

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Jyotishcharya Mohit ji is a young, energetic and spiritual guy with a keen passion towards astrology. Right from his childhood he started learning Jyotish Shastra and led a spiritual life. He started applying every theory of Astrology in his practical life and understand the depth of Shastra. According to him “none of the yoga or yuti or aspect is bad, it is just formed for the Adhyatmik progression of one’s soul”, otherwise how a Soul can born as a human on the earth as the top most species. We need to understand the reason behind it and transform our Karma to acquire what we should get in this life and Afterlife.

A corporate guy (worked in MNC’s) transformed into Jyotishacharya.

By understanding the situation of people undergoing in this modern era, and with the power of ancient knowledge and modern technology he gives a proper guidance to people for their own Adhyatmik Development.

Acharya ji has done UG- Business Administration in International Business form Amity Noida,
P.G- In Health Management from IIHMR and MBA-HR from SMU
Also he had done M.A. in Jyotish Acharya from RU.
Currently he is preparing for Professorship in Vedic Astrology.

What we provide?
AstroforU.com is our company registered under GST act and our main goal is to help every needy person with the help of Vedic Jyotish Shastra.

-We provide Jyotish consultation.
-We also provide personal assistant to one who want to transform their life with the help of Vedic Jyotish Shastra.


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Aquarius Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope December 16-23 2019

#AquariusDecemberHoroscope #AquariusDecemberTarot #AquariusDecemberAstrology
Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope December 16-23 2019
Work/Finances, Social Life, Challenges, & Love

Spiritual Numbers || Synchronicity & Meanings || 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

Truth About Tarot Reversals – Don’t Get Fooled!

Why That Rising/Ascendant Horoscope Anyway?



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November 2019 Astrology and 11/11 Portal Energies ~ Podcast

November has rare astrology that brings in cosmic expansion and a return to what is calling your soul’s energy now. This month is gifting you with opportunities to move past intense soul experiences that have been on a karmic loop, and to answer the next Call of your Soul that excites you.

Mercury is retrograde until Nov 20, which is also the same day that Mars enters Scorpio, signaling a new conviction in what you must do next. Big Scorpio and Sagittarius energies are requiring us to go within for clarity and clearing, as cosmic forces come in strongly the last 10 days of the month.

It may have felt like some of your dreams, visions, and life plans were removed back in 2006/2007, but they have simply been on “cosmic layaway” and a return is coming as Jupiter and Venus both connect with the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sag this month.

We’re also revisiting energies of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. Much more to share in this show.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio journey video:
Taurus Full Moon on Nov 12th video:
Jupiter conjunct Galactic Center video:

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பண பிரச்சனைகள் தீர… Sree Tantric Astrology | Dr.S.Vijay Sethu Narayanan

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பண பிரச்சனைகள் தீர…

ஶ்ரீ தாந்தீரிக பரிகாரங்களும்
வழிபாட்டு முறைகளும்… | 15/12/2019

Dr.S.Vijay Sethu Narayanan
Sree Tantric Astrology,
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A Tamil astrology show in which astrologers not only answer to the queries about your sun sign, but they share information about Vaasthu Saasthra, tips to follow on an auspicious day and several other information about astrology.

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CANCER January 2020 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

CANCER January 2020 Astrology Horoscope Forecast
What’s in store for Cancer for January 2020?
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Rick Levine Astrology Forecast for October 2019

A LONG AND WINDING ROAD… We’ve been running a full marathon, but now it begins to feel more like a sprint to the finish line. Although the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020 is still three months away, these two heavyweights both move direct during October and gain speed, as they head toward their destination. On the political front, it’s as if a large iceberg has broken free, but no one yet knows its trajectory. The cosmic energies are surely more complex than they seem at first glance. These are serious times and the hand-in-hand dance of Saturn and Pluto has our attention, whether we’re looking at Presidential impeachment proceedings, the upcoming national elections, the Brexit/Parliament fiasco, the climate crisis, the Mideast tensions, the India-Pakistan disagreement, lions, and tigers and bears! Oh my! And the list continues to grow.

October doesn’t wait to reveal its intensity. An emotionally charged Venus-Pluto square on October 1 fuels Pluto’s direct turn on October 3 — the same day that Mercury enters extreme Scorpio and Mars enters strategic Libra. Venus escapes into Scorpio on October 8, followed by the Sun on October 23. Meanwhile, an electric Venus-Uranus opposition on October 12 feeds into a brash Aries Full Moon on October 13. This Full Moon squares Pluto, triggering heightened power struggles in global politics and personal relationships.

There is smoother sailing from the dreamy Mercury-Neptune trine on October 15 until the romantic Venus-Neptune trine on October 21. However, complicated earthly energies intensify again once the Sun shifts into Scorpio on October 23, along with the problematic Mars-Saturn square on October 27 that tests our patience. Thankfully, the perceptive Scorpio New Moon the same day packs a wallop because it opposes irrepressible Uranus. As if the cosmos is laughing at our dreams and false optimism, trickster Mercury grinds to a halt and begins its retrograde phase on October 31. The long and winding road ensures that we’ll need to take a few detours prior to reaching our goals.