/Case Study: Old Baldy Is Not Just Another Spirits Bottle

Case Study: Old Baldy Is Not Just Another Spirits Bottle

After successfully launching their first batch of premium whiskey, Old Baldy co-founders Ed Bley and Jeff Mattingly were excited to release the second batch. Unexpectedly, they ran into a delay with the shipment of their glass bottles.

The Situation

In order to keep the launch date on track, it was necessary for Ed and Jeff to quickly find a vendor with technical expertise and the ability to react immediately. Due to the high proof of this whiskey, bottles need adequate headspace to prevent the bar top closures from popping off. As a result, Ed reached out to Riekes Container for an immediate solution.

Solution: Finding a Supplier and Technical Expertise

Due to our experience and relationships in different facets of the spirits industry, Riekes Container, an MJS Packaging Company, was able to tap into our vast network of suppliers and glass experts. Our network provided prompt ideas to meet the aesthetic and functional demands. Within two days, new glass bottles were sourced, ordered, delivered, tested, and flawlessly worked with plenty of headspace.

“I’m more than impressed with the team at Riekes and won’t hesitate to use them again! They saved me and did it professionally!” said Ed Bley.

About Old Baldy 2 Whiskey

Old Baldy Old Baldy 2 Whiskey is an 11-year, 8-year and 4-year whiskey with vanilla bean, stone fruit, and other prominent flavors.

Old Baldy 2 Whiskey is a blended whiskey released in very limited quantities. Since 2016, their Old Baldy collection has been an instant hit among whiskey connoisseurs.

Old Baldy came into existence when Ed began tasting and trading as much bourbon as possible. He even began helping out confused customers in stores’ bourbon sections. A few years later, the success of Old Baldy has given Ed the confidence and credibility to launch his own distillery, Rising Tide Spirits.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Ed Bley at Rising Tide Spirits and Jeff Mattingly at Bourbon 30.

Need a Rapid Solution?

Riekes Container works to provide quick solutions for our customers. It was not only a matter of finding the bottles swiftly but also providing a great deal of knowledge and expertise to exceed our customer’s needs.

Contact MJS Packaging, or call us, 800-915-2262, to discuss your upcoming packaging solutions. We’re ready to become your preferred packaging partner.